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Welcome to our Lockout Tagout website. Lockout Tagout Safety Ltd is based in industrial Teesside, in the UK. Providing industrial plant safety to many organisations worldwide.

Lockout Tagout is a procedure which clearly communicates risk in the workplace.

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Lockout Tagout Safety Ltd
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Lockout Tagout Custom Shadow Boards

Lockout Tagout Safety Ltd now offer fully custom shadow boards. These boards, ideal for larger companies, can be uniquely created to match any demands. For example, these shadow boards can contain tools that would not normally be found in our usual range of Lockout Stations. We can also add your own company's logo and other information to the board. All Boards are produced in our workshops to your specification, which means high quality and timely delivery and are ideal for large departmental companies.

For more information, to get a quote, or to order a custom shadow board, please call (+44) 01642 244017. Or, click here to email us.

Once you have approved the final design proof of your board delivery is usually with 10-15 working days.

On the right are several examples of custom shadow boards

Example 1: This shadow board has space for padlocks, hasps, cable lockouts and circuit breaker lockouts. Additionally, three clear plastic pockets are attached to store important information booklets, e.g. isolation procedures, etc.

All of these aspects of the board have been decided upon between ourselves and our customer, to guarantee that it met their exact specifications.

Example 2: This example is of a very large shadow board. This board has room for a large number of padlocks, hasps and other lockout devices. Shadow boards are ideal for controlling your lockout devices, as the shadows allow you to see which devices are currently in use.

Example 3: This board incorporates two of our other lockout stations, in order to create specific groups of lockout devices. These stations also allow the end user to lock their devices securely, preventing unauthorised personnel from accessing the lockout equipment.

As you can also see, on the right of the board is a list, reminding users of the currently implemented lockout procedures.

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