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Modern Industry is a busy place, and the work of manufacturing products is a bit messy. The practice of converting raw materials into everyday conveniences exposes workers to hazardous conditions. Fortunately, for the most part, on-the-job injuries are rare, thanks in no small part to industrial safety products and the management programmes that ensure that workers are trained and competent to do their jobs safely and efficiently.

Back in the days of Upton Sinclair and the nightmare that was the meatpacking industry, precautionary standards were all but non-existent. Serious injury was an accepted part of the risk inherent in having a job, the lack of sound mechanical safety meant injuries, once sustained, was the end of a person's livelihood, if not their life. Research and experience have led to the development of a wide variety of preventive devices specifically for workers. Human nature makes it very difficult to introduce PPE products, because we grow up believing we are invincible. No matter what mishaps we encounter, we usually recover; even serious injuries do heal. In addition, it is virtually impossible to prove that any specific thing prevented an accident, and we never get used to taking precautions; even automobile seat belt use has taken decades to ingrain in the driving population.

Trying to keep workers safe is a complex issue; considering the hazards involved, electrical safety is problematic. The worker may be at risk from previous wiring to equipment degradation to weather impact. Standards now require that employers physically use lockout tagout procedures for equipment to eliminate energy hazards to people. Similarly, equipment that has the potential to pinch or otherwise injure workers due to its moving parts must have guards in place. This is particularly difficult because such guards are frequently considered a nuisance to those using them. No guards are effective if they are deliberately removed or circumvented training and discipline are critical.

There is no question that the requirements legislated by the government are in place for the purpose of preventing mishaps, keeping the workforce free from energy and in so doing increasing the efficiency of enterprise. There are plenty of measures that prove the success these standards have made in keeping the business world safer. Oddly, the biggest problem with preventing mishaps in the work place is getting people simply to be careful. It is a sad truth that every safety policy and preventive device is a reflection of an injury or fatality to someone who came before. But even that information is not enough in many cases to gain the attention and diligence of workers. The safety and health act of 1974 set out to define in specific terms the requirement for employers to safeguard their employees. Programs and inspections are necessary to ensure that every possible realistic measure is taken for the security of the people in their employ. With all of the industrial safety products in place, the last step is to inspire the employees to vigilantly and fastidiously use them.

Lockout Kits contain all the equipment you'll need to implement your own Lockout Tagout procedure. This will help keep you and your colleagues safe.

Wide Selection Of Lockout Kits Available

For expert advice on operating Lockout/Tagout programmes, tailored to the needs of your company, or tips on choosing from a wide range of Lockout/Tagout devices and other safety products, call us on 01642 244017 or email us.

N.B. These guidelines are based on recommendations by OSHA (US Occupational Safety and Health Administration). Whilst following them will assist in the successful running of Lockout/Tagout procedures, they are by no means intended to constitute a comprehensive list of procedures to satisfy legal requirements and protect workers. Consult local legislation for more details on these requirements if unsure.

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