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All Purpose Cable Lockout Device #1All Purpose Cable Lockout Device #2All Purpose Cable Lockout Device #3
Product ID 050943
Manufacturer Brady

All Purpose Cable Lockout Device

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050943 Brady Cable Lockout Device

  • Can be used to lock out valves, disconnect switches, circuit breakers and more
  • Lock out multiple control points with a single device = reduced equipment costs
  • Interchangeable cables; select the best type suited for the job
  • The ergonomic, hand-fitted body makes it easy to get the cable tight
  • High portability, a built-in eyelet helps keep the cable neatly coiled, prevents loose ends from dangling and causing a hazard when in use
  • Body made of rugged impact-resistant nylon, withstands chemicals and corrosion

  • Can be locked with up to 4 padlocks
  • Max. shackle diameter: 7mm
  • Min. shackle clearance: 20mm

List Price: £66.81

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Price: £55.00 (£66.00 Inc. VAT)
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